Whitefish Bay Traditional Master Bathroom

Project Overview

As this couple’s children got older and started to move out of the house, the Master Bath become a new priority. The existing Master Bath was dark and felt cluttered with an awkward sloped ceiling that interrupted the bath and forced the vanity to be on an angle. 

We were determined to find a way to allow for a bigger, more open shower along with a vanity that allowed for ample storage space and a much brighter feel all around. Having a bathtub was not an important feature to the clients, so we were able to remove this element from the project. 

The result was a brighter, more open bathroom with a larger shower and more functional vanity. The toilet remained in the same location, but we removed a linen closet that acted more as a barrier than a storage space. We also extended the new shower wall into the Master Bedroom to create a larger shower. The entry door to the Master Bath was also relocated from the center to the angled wall. 

  • Type of Home: 1940's Tudor

  • Areas Remodeled: Master Bathroom

  • Project Size: approx. 170 sq. ft.

  • Year Completed: 2021

  • Floating Vanity

  • Drop Edge Countertop

  • Porcelain Tile Walls

  • Electric Outlet in Vanity Drawer


This bathroom was brought back to life with an upgrade of luxury fixtures and finishes. By moving where the vanity and shower were located while also removing the bathtub, the space finally felt like a large, functional Master Bathroom.