Our Process

Our process is built around the belief that the only way to ensure an enjoyable experience is to make certain that all design, finish, and fixture decisions are made before construction begins. By working with us, you can be assured that every detail and option is considered and explored. Each step of the process builds upon the steps before it, so choices are made in an orderly and efficient manner for every project.

Our Process: Design/Build



We’ll meet to discuss your project – your thoughts, hopes, desired investment, etc. Together we’ll determine if the project is practical, feasible, and if we think we would partner well together to make it a reality. If so, we’ll take the next step into design.


Concept Design

Concept Design begins with an in-depth discussion of what is really important to you about your project. We’ll identify the key problems we’re trying to solve and document the critical elements that we’ll work to incorporate into the design. We’ll also establish some budget parameters to ensure that design fits within your comfort zone – whatever that may be.

Using the details we’ve established, our design team gets to work creating 2 or 3 different concept solutions that we believe will meet your needs and get you excited about the possibilities! We’ll present these ideas to you along with illustrative photos, a list of features and benefits, and a general idea of your likely investment for each different solution.

At the completion of this phase, we’ll have clarity of the direction that your project is headed, and we can then focus on getting the details of design completed in our next step.


Full Design

Full Design takes the concepts that we have created and transforms them into detailed documents that provide a clear and compre­hensive plan for the project. We’ll finalize the exact layout and elevations and begin discussing general aesthetics. Our team will write a Scope of Work document during this stage, which will explain in great detail exactly the work that will be completed. We’ll use these documents to ensure accuracy in our next step.



Prior to this phase, we’ll be providing updated estimates regularly as details change. Our goal here is to stop estimating and establish a firm investment figure. Using the plans, scope, and aesthetic preferences we’ve established in Full Design, we’ll establish a firm Base Price” for your project. We’ll do this by conducting trade partner walkthroughs and obtaining multiple bids and proposals from our network of expert craftsmen and vendors. Our team will thoroughly review all proposals to ensure that they include all elements of the project. After obtaining and reviewing all quotes, we’ll meet to discuss the Base Price of your project.


Final Selections and Contract

With a firm Base Price established, we’ll meet and make showroom visits to make final selections. This is where you’ll be able to choose the exact fixtures and fishes for your project. Before we sign the contract, all of your decisions will be made, which will ensure that your project is completed in a timely manner and stays on budget. Plus, you won’t ever have to deal with the stress of making last minute decisions!


Pre-Construction and Construction

Before your project starts, we’ll make sure all materials are ordered, the permit is approved, and your project is fully scheduled from beginning to end. You’ll meet your Project Manager, and they will explain communi­cation protocols and establish some guidelines for the Construction phase. During Construction, you will meet weekly with your Project Manager to ensure that no details are overlooked. Our PM’s manage a maximum of 3 projects at any time, so you can be assured that they will be onsite on a very regular basis, ensuring that all work is being completed per the contract and per our standards.

At the completion of your project, we’ll review any punch list items to make sure there aren’t any outstanding issues to resolve.

Our Process:
General Contractor

If you have already developed plans with an architect or designer, we are also able to work with you as General Contractor. In these situations, we’ll meet with you and your design team to craft our process to provide value and the services you need. Whether you have full plans ready for pricing or have simply developed initial concepts that need further exploration, we love working in these situations. We have a long history of teaming up with 3rd party designers and clients to create beautiful spaces.